Ken LangeArtist Statement

Ken Lange is a digital artist, guitarist, and singer/songwriter. He has an Associate of Arts in Music, and decidedly burned his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics in a cathartic ritual to dedicate his life to the pursuit of a creative life charged with art, music, and the pursuit of any medium possible to convey his personal vision and live the principle that life itself is art. He not only writes music and poetry, but also paints and does photography, graphic design and web design.

Ken was born in 1970 in San Diego, and has been creating art for as long as he can remember. In the 3rd grade, he had a fascination with drawing mazes. After moving to Orange County in 1982, the theme of patterns and lines continued into his high school drawings, but became more complex during that time. This is also when he started painting with tempra and watercolors. In 1991, he started doing graphic design for a small publishing company, creating illustrations for school test booklets.

He moved to the Bay Area in 1993, first living in Oakland and then San Francisco in 1998. Ken began doing web design in 2000 and started painting with acrylics in 2003. In 2006 he moved to Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, where he ran his own freelance business doing graphic and web design. He moved back to San Francisco in 2009.

In recent years, he has been making digital art collages, combining Facebook photos of friends, his own photos and paintings, and various Photoshop effects to create visually unique and stunning pieces.

Ken currently lives in San Francisco and works in the tech industry. He likes to travel the world and wears a leather jacket wherever he goes.

Email: coyotestealsfire@gmail.com

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